WSSU’s Horiculture Club with Com Rehab

On Tuesday Tiera Gravley, Fredricka Downing, John …., and I met the members of the Horticulture club. Mark, Beth, David, and Jessie will be the individuals we will be working with. As a attempt to break the ice and get to know each other facilitators John, Fredrica, Teira, and I led games that revealed their current conditions, likes and interests, and possible goals we could work with them on.

  From the information we gathered we were able to identify some conditions some persons had such as stroke, possible traumatic brain injury, and multiple sclerosis. It dawned on me that in the environment that we will be working in such being in the element with possible days of high temperature can be a barrier to some of our participants. For example if a person with multiple sclerosis starts to have tremors in their arm or legs, the heat will worsen these symptoms that come and go. Overhead coverings and portable tents are suggested to be used also having water coolers and areas to rest would also be beneficial.

    When the subject of what to plant came up and the following plants were agree upon:

                   Tomatoes.. Peppers… Cucumber…Squash..Zucchini…Late Beans…Marigolds

                   Watermelon (watermelon plant)…Mimosas..Sunflowers…Tulips..Daisies..Carrots


The comment was made would some plants like tomatoes be ready to harvest by the end of spring. For some the answer is no, but some can be picked early and used like green tomatoes and made into friend green tomatoes.

  When It came down to goals all club members voiced being able to get out interact successfully with the participants and student facilitators, also to learn how to plant and run a garden effectively.Image

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